Licensure Endorsements 

The College of Education at Chicago State University offers courses to meet the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Endorsement Requirements, which are subject to change.  The Office of Licensure Services can assist teachers to identify which courses at CSU meet specific requirements.  Contact the Office of Licensure Services to set up an appointment to review your transcript and/or your deficiency statement.


The most commonly-requested endorsements include Driver Education & Safety, Library Science Specialist, and Learning Behavior Specialist I.  A summary of the requirements are listed below.  All other endorsement-related questions should be directed to the Office of Licensure Services.  Please note:  ISBE Endorsement requirements are subject to change.



Driver Education & Safety

This endorsement requires 24 semester hours with 12 at the upper division in the field of driver education and safety, including preparation as follows:

  • 3 semester hours in injury prevention or safety.
  • 12 semester hours in driver education that include: 

               Driving task analysis (introduction to driver education)

               Teaching driver education in the classroom

               Advanced driver education and emergency evasive driving

               Teaching the laboratory portion of the driver education course, including: 

                      On-street teaching under the supervision of a qualified driver education teacher.

                      The equivalent of at least one semester hour preparation in the use of driving simulation.

                      The equivalent of at least one semester hour preparation in and use of multiple-car programs.

  • 3 semester hours in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • 6 semester hours chosen from at least two of the following:                         

                      The use of technology in instruction.

                             Safety issues related to alcohol and drugs.

                             Driver education for students with disabilities.

                             Any other safety-related area.


Equivalent courses offered at CSU:  Contact Office of Licensure Services

Course Scheduling Options:  Contact Program Department


Learning Behavior Specialist

The Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I) endorsement requires a passing score on the LBS I (155) test and completion of coursework addressing the following areas:

  •  Survey of exceptional child.
  • General characteristics of children with disabilities within the LBS I scope.
  • General methods for teaching children with disabilities within the LBS I scope.
  • Psychological assessment of children with disabilities within the LBS I scope.

Please Note:  ISBE Endorsement Requirements are subject to change.

Equivalent Courses Offered at CSU:

SPED 4301/5301:  Characteristics of Exceptional Children

SPED 5476:  Characteristics of Learners with Behavioral, Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

SPED 5482:  Curricular Adaptations for Learners with Special Needs

SPED 5487:  Assessment, Measurement, & Evaluation of Learners with Special Needs

Course Scheduling Options:  Contact Program Department


Library Information Specialist

This endorsement requires the completion of 24 semester hours of content coursework, with 12 at the upper division level, and the Library Information Specialist content test (175).  Please note:  ISBE Endorsement Requirements are subject to change.

Note:  The middle school Library Information Specialist endorsement requires eligibility to add middle school endorsements or 6 semester hours of professional education coursework addressing middle school.

Suggested Courses:

  • LIS 5050:  Foundations of the Information Professions
  • LIS 5080:  Information Technology for Libraries and Information AgenciesLIS 5520:  Cataloging and Classification
  • LIS 5070:  Introduction to Reference Services
  • LIS 5130:  Curriculum and the Media Center
  • LIS 5710:  Literature and Services for Children
  • LIS 5120:  Administration of Media Centers
  • LIS 5720:  Literature and Services for Young Adults
  • LIS 5185:  Licensure Exam Review (no endorsement credit)

Coursework needed for middle school eligibility:

  • ELCF 4440/5440:  Philosophy, Curriculum, and Instructional Methods for the Middle School
  • PSYC 4210/5210:  Adolescent Psychology

 Course Scheduling Options:  Contact Program Department