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Chicago State University

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Florah Luseno, Chairperson

Location:  ED 319

Email: fluseno@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.2078

 Dr. Sarah Buck, Associate Professor

Location:JDC 220

Email: sbuck@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3651

Dr. Mark Kutame, Associate Professor

Location:  JDC 216

Email: mkutame@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3650

Dr. Debra Nelson, Associate Professor

Location:JDC 100D

Email: dnelson@csu.edu

Phone: 773.821.2827

Dr. Edward J. Reed (Justy) Professor

Location:JDC 218

Email: ereed@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3646

Dr. Robert Szyman, Associate Professor

Location:JDC 224

Email: rszyman@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3645

Mr. Michael McNicholas, Assistant Professor

Location:JDC 219

Email: mmcnicho@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.2294

Dr. June N. Price Shingles, Associate Professor

Location:JDC 223

Email: jprice@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3779

Dr. Latoria Crump, Lecturer

Location:JDC 221

Email:  lcrump@csu.edu

Phone: 773.995.3648