Chicago State University

Our Community Advisory Board Members


The primary purpose of the College of Health Sciences’ Community Advisory Board are to:

  1. Counsel the Dean of the College of Health Studies on strategic and policy related matters;
  2. Be a resource to students, faculty, and staff in enhancing the quality and reputation of the College, and
  3. Take a leadership role in assuring that the College of Health Sciences has the financial resources to accomplish its objectives.


More specifically, the Community Advisory Board members will assist the College of Health Sciences:

  1. By providing an outside perspective to assure that the College’s curriculum and programs are relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the health care system, government, and not-for-profit organizations.
  2. By forging strong ties between students and the health care community to give students direct contact with organizational leaders and to maximize their career development opportunities through internships and full-time positions.
  3. By sharing their clinical expertise with students.
  4. By being a resource for faculty members: supporting their programs of research; confirming the currency and relevancy of our curriculum; and identifying opportunities for clinical internships and other collaborations.
  5. By taking a leadership role in providing financial support to the College of Health Sciences.


  • Members will serve 6 year term that is renewable.
  • Advisory Board meetings are held twice a year (April and November)

Community Advisory Board Members

Dr. Terry Mason

 Cook County Department of Public Health

Rev. Walter L. Coleman

Alberto United Methodist Church/ Youth Service Corp

Dr. Sandra Web-Booker

Illinois Black Nurses Association

Mr. Kevin Scanlan

Retired; Healthcare Consultant

Charles Barron

Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness

Loretta Flanagan

Millennium Health Consulting

Makeba Billingsly

Illinois Department of Human Services

Hanna Malik

Illinois College of Nursing

Rhonda Gumbel -Thomas

Invo Healthcare

Myron Hester

Julian High School

Jeffrey J. Waddy

South Suburban College

Paula Simpson

Rehabilitation Services


Delores Holland

Illinois Department of Public Health

Andrew Martin

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Cody McSellers-McCray

Presence Health

Candace Moore

Trinity UCC Child Care Centers

Marilyn Willis

Retired; Healthcare Consultant