Profile for Jay Smith

Name: Jay SmithJay Smith
Age: 20
Classification: Junior
Major: Political Science
Hobbies: basketball, football, tell jokes

Campus Involvement: Student Board of Trustees Representative, President of Honors College, Student Ambassador, Resident Assistant, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., Freshman Leadership Involvement Organization, TEMBO (Teaching and Educating Men of Black Origin)
Future Aspirations: to obtain juris doctorate degree from Howard University and enter the world of politics

Why I love CSU: Chicago State is a part of my extended family. I was embraced the first time I visited and felt like I was among brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. I am accepted for myself and not viewed as a number. The staff, administration, and even some students, help to sharpen my strengths and build me in areas where I am weak. I love what this school represents and the population it serves.