Angela Pruitt

P3 Pharmacy
Graduate Student

Angela Pruitt

Angela Pruitt, a Pharmacy student has received the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship award.  Pruitt was selected for her scholarly work and desire to address the root cause of health variances in under-resourced communities.

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship has been instrumental in attacking health issues across the nation for over 50 years. Pruitt proposes to initiate heart health seminars for African American young adults on Chicago’s south side. These seminars will be held at Hyde Park Academy, Pruitt’s alma mater. Following the 2016-2017 school year, she will help youth to engage in preventative efforts to reduce the incidence and prevalence of heart disease and stroke. Although Angela has drawn up an impeccable background for herself, she is not done with extending her helping hand and knowledge.

Pruitt, transferred to Chicago State University in 2006 when she was forced to return home after being displaced post Hurricane Katrina. The State of Illinois was able to help Pruitt and several other students and quickly settled them into classes following the natural disaster. Later, Pruitt successfully obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

As a single mom, with an entry level job in her field Angela decided to switch careers. In 2012, she began her journey in Pharmacy at Chicago State University and has obtained several licensures and many certifications such as, APhA Blood Borne Pathogens Certification and a Pharmacy Technician License. After interning, Angela landed a permanent position in retail pharmacy. Angela is a member of Phi Delta Chi. She is also part of the America Society of Consultant Pharmacists P1 Liaison, a delegate in the Student National Pharmaceutical Association Chapter, and is presently the Vice-President of Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

“I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to follow my dream of becoming a doctor!!  As the first in my family to graduate college, I look forward to continuing to be a role model for my younger siblings by showing them that no dream is too large!”

By: Fallon Brownlee, Class of 2017
       Hillary Martin, Class of 2016