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Xavier Thaxter
Jasmika Cook 2041/4977/3753
Career Path TBD Sabrina Land 3912/14976
Catalogs Thomas Rowan Angela Henderson 3590/2402
CERC Gebeyehu Mulugeta Michael Siola 2362/2964
Center for Teaching & Research Excellence Nancy Grim Richard Darga 2026/2378
Chemistry and Physics Andrea Van-Duzor Austin Harton 4437/2847
Chicago State Foundation TBD TBD  
Civil Service Aleshia Terry / Zenobia Bobbie Stewart 2402/12857/3995
College of Arts and Sciences Rochelle Green Justin Akujieze 3788/2438
College of Business Rosette Bryant Derrick Collins 3979/3976
College of Education Patrice C. Boyles Patrice C. Boyles 3764
College of Health Sciences Mohammed Khan Leslie Roundtree 3987/3987
College of Health Sciences - Health Info Administration Adrianne Borden Leslie Roundtree 2045/2525
College of Pharmacy Sultan Farabee/

Marcus Roberson
Carmita Coleman 2679/2859/

CMAT Troi Tyler Christine List 2832/2952
Commencement Aleshia Terry Leslie Roundtree 2402/2402
Compliance Stephanie Kelly Deidre Cato-Baker 2462/2056
Continuing Education Audrey Tolliver Nelly Maynard 3741/12453
Cougar Start U Frank McKnight Michael Crawford 2047
Counseling Center Penny Bailey Shenay Bridges-Carter 3666/2383
Course Scheduling Candies Warren Michelle Smith-Williams 2962/3561
Criminal Justice, Philosophy, & Political Science LaTania Milner Emmett Bradbury 2109/2343
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