Community Relations

Outreach pict

The Office of Community Relations actively partners with community organizations, churches, schools, businesses, and legislative branch offices throughout the year. Our goal is to provide the highest level of assistance through services of our Colleges and Programs to people as we work to strengthen our diverse communities. By serving as a liaison between the University and the neighborhoods surrounding our campus, our office acts to translate community needs and facilitate constructive partnerships that benefit both University and community at large.


Our objectives are identified by the most pressing need from the voices of our neighbors. We then work with businesses or groups to create a project or task group that support the communication, education or resolution to effectually meet that need. These projects are led by CSU faculty then staffed by University volunteers, their families and students. This unique model of service based learning provides the power of education and expands a valuable network of resources to our communities and CSU students.

Director of Community Relations
Wanda Wright
Phone: 773-995-2079