Chicago State University
Welcome to the Department of Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree program at CSU is designed to prepare nurses for the challenges facing the profession in the 21st century by focusing on community health nursing, nursing administration and nursing education. Additional specialties in nursing will be developed in the future. The MSN program incorporates value-added curricula that focus on minority health and nursing informatics. The curricula are aligned with the National League of Nursing recommendation to improve the diversity of the nursing workforce, continuity of patient care and to reduce medical errors.

Dr. Leslie Roundtree, Dean of the College of Health Sciences asserted that “the underrepresentation of racial/ethnic minority nurses in leadership, clinical specialists and faculty ranks provides strong justification for the development of a graduate nursing program at CSU. Given our unique urban health mission and excellent track record in graduating African American students, CSU is an ideal institution to educate future African American nursing leaders, educators and clinical specialists.” The unique features of the MSN program are the interdisciplinary philosophy and sharing of human and physical resources with the Master of Public Health program.”