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Chicago State University
Faculty Roster
Unit A Faculty
Last Name First Name Middle Initial Title
Art and Design Department
Choi Chongim   Associate Professor
Christofferson Shaila  K. Associate Professor
Kang Soo  Y. Associate Professor
Biological Sciences Department
Al-Ghoul Walid  M. Professor
Azim Anser C. Associate Professor
Bell Timothy  J. Professor
Botanga Christopher J. Associate Professor
Daniels Melvin D. Assistant Professor
De la Sancha Noe' U. Assistant Professor
Gana Joyce A. Professor
He Rong L. Associate Professor
Jacobs Karel A. Associate Professor
Peters Eric L. Professor
Swier Kevin   Professor
Walter Laurie   Associate Professor
Chemistry and Physics Department
Akujieze Justin K. Professor
Erhart Mark A. Professor
Goss Valerie   Assistant Professor
Harton Austin   Assistant Professor
LeSuer Robert J. Professor 
Mardis Kristy L. Professor
Maselli Andrew G. Associate Professor
Peters John A. Assistant Professor
Pittman Lionel O. Assistant Professor
Richter Robert   Associate Professor
Rivas Felix M. Associate Professor
Sabella Mel S. Professor
Van Duzor Andrea G. Associate Professor
Communication, Media Arts and Theatre Department
Khan Kamesha L. Associate Professor
List Christine J. Professor
Criminal Justice, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Beverly Phillip A. Associate Professor
Bradbury Emmett L. Associate Professor
Cronce Philip   Associate  Professor
Dimah Agber   Professor
Leach Carol A. Associate Professor
Myers Lewis   Associate Professor
Salahuddin Mohammad   Assistant Professor
Thomson Douglas R. Professor
English Department
Aghahowa Brenda E. Associate Professor
Hazard Forrest E. Professor
Howard William L. Professor
Ohale Christine N. Professor
Ubangiji Nuru Y. Associate Professor
Foreign Languages and Literatures Department
Chierico Robert J. Professor
Gaytan Eddy H. Associate Professor
Moreno Florido Maria Y. Associate Professor
Norris Evelyne M. Associate Professor
Shen Virginia S. Professor
Geography, Sociology, History, African-American Studies and Anthropology Department
Baker-Kimmons Leslie C. Associate Professor
Bionaz Robert E. Associate Professor
Birgen Judith   Associate Professor
Davis Tiffany Y. Assistant Professor
Gala Tekleab S. Assistant Professor
Harris Kelly L. Associate Professor
Kuzdale Ann E. Associate Professor
McFarland Louis P. Associate Professor
Morikawa Suzuko   Associate Professor
N'Daou Saidou M. Professor
Redman Arthur W. Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Akatsa Victor K. Associate Professor
Chen Jan-Jo   Professor
Chern Johng-Chern   Professor
Hrozencik Daniel J. Professor
Leach Elroy M. Professor
Musial Paul M. Professor
Solakiewicz Richard J Professor
Vidal-Ascon Luis   Professor
Yimer Asmamaw   Associate Professor
Music Department
Smith Mark A. Professor
Stevenson Roxanne Y Professor
Sudeith Mark A Professor
Williams Deborah S. Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Etta Victor E. Associate Professor
Fuller LaShonda B. Assistant Professor
Giorgis Tadesse W. Professor
Lynch John J. Associate Professor
McCurtis-Witherspoon Karen D. Professor
Richardson Alesia A. Associate Professor
Social Work Department
Kenemore Thomas K. Associate Professor
Seyfried Sherri F. Professor
Smith-McKeever Thelma C. Assistant Professor
Accounting and Finance Department
Bryant Linnae W. Assistant Professor
Coupet Ernst   Associate Professor
Osaghae Vincent O. Associate Professor
Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems Department

Abuleil Saleem M. Professor
Alsamara Khalid S. Professor
Jackson Joni R. Assistant Professor
Kpo Wolanyo F. Professor
Simyar Farhad F. Professor
Stedl John L. Professor
Doctoral Studies Department
Cabraal Chandrasena L. Associate Professor
Laura Crystal T. Associate Professor
Seo Byung-In   Associate Professor
Early Childhood and Bilingual Education Department
Fernandez Miguel   Associate Professor
Steinhaus Patricia L. Professor
Kelly Margaret A. Associate Professor
Elementary Education Department
Lia Douglas V. Associate Professor
Wolf Chyrese S. Associate Professor
Graduate Studies Department
Busch Cathryn L. Professor
Gahungu Athanase   Professor
Lynch Deborah M. Associate Professor
McClendon Garrard O. Assistant Professor
Valenciano CynthiaK K. Professor
Information and Media Studies Department
Ayyash Mousa S. Associate Professor
Gomez Gabriel   Professor
Osika Elizabeth R.  Associate Professor
Pruitt-Annisette Brenda F. Assistant Professor
Secondary Ed, Professional Studies and Recreation Department
Boyles Patrice C. Associate Professor
Buck Sarah M. Associate Professor 
Martin Bryon R. Associate Professor 
Nelson Debra  J. Associate Professor 
Reed Edward J. Professor 
Shingles June N. Associate Professor 
Szyman Robert J. Associate Professor 
Health Studies Department
Balogun Joseph  A. Professor
Beth Alfreda T. Assistant Professor
Watkins Yashika   Assistant Professor
Nursing Department
Bender Runez M. Assistant Professor
Dean-Ousley Tyra   Assistant Professor
Mordi Sweet    Assistant Professor 
Occupational Therapy Department
Austin Sarah L. Assistant Professor 
Kennedy Frederica   Assistant Professor 
Smith Regina T. Assistant Professor
Wittbrodt Elizabeth S. Associate Professor
Zuba-Bates Stephanie L. Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice Department
Baxi Srivastava Sneha   Clinical Associate Prof.
Burman Luba Y. Clinical Assistant Prof.
Castner Rebecca M. Clinical Assistant Prof.
Fields Heather E. Clinical Assistant Prof.
Harper-Brown Deborah A. Clinical Associate Prof.
Hussein Sabah   Clinical Assistant Prof.
Jenkins Antoine T. Clinical Associate Professor
Kantorovich Alexander   Clinical Assistant Prof.
Khan Ayesha M. Clinical Assistant Prof.
Marshall Janene  L. Clinical Associate Professor
Mukherjee Kumar   Assistant Professor
Petrova Tatjana   Associate Professor
Prasad-Reddy Lalita   Clinical Assistant Prof
Pharmacy Science Department
Abourashed Ehab A. Associate Professor
Chen Jianjun   Assistant Professor
Danquah Michael   Assistant Professor
Do Duc P. Associate Professor
El-Alfy Abir T. Associate Professor
Fazal Nadeem   Professor
Puglisi-Weening Melany P. Associate Professor
Tauseef Mohammed   Assistant Professor
Library and Information Science Department

Snelling Charlene C. Assistant Professor
Kwembe Azungwe I. Assistant Professor
Porter Gayle   Assistant Professor
Fielder-Giscombe Rosalind L. Assistant Professor
Kolendo Joanna   Assistant Professor
Full Time Lecturers
Last Name First Name Middle Initial Title
Art and Design Department
Ferrario Laura A. Full Time Lecturer
Fotos Adam   Full Time Lecturer
Hawkins Juarez   Full Time Lecturer
Lucas Thomas R. Full Time Lecturer
Biological Sciences Department
Kirt Susan J. Full Time Lecturer
Glowinski Ronald E. Full Time Lecturer
Koshy Alex T. Full Time Lecturer
Kuhn Thomas R. Full Time Lecturer
Nazy James S. Full Time Lecturer
Communication, Media Arts & Theatre Department
Jackson Gennifer D. Full Time Lecturer
Leonard Letitia   Full Time Lecturer
Martinson Karen J. Full Time Lecturer
Olson Marilyn C. Full Time Lecturer
Winter Donald   Full Time Lecturer
Crump Tracy G. Full Time Lecturer
English Department
King Martin L. Full Time Lecturer
Amaker Arthur   Full Time Lecturer
Darrisaw Darrell D. Full Time Lecturer
Foreign Languages & Literature Department
Canalini Araceli   Full Time Lecturer
Mathematics, Computer Science Department
Cannon Patricia A. Full Time Lecturer
Khasawneh Elaina M. Full Time Lecturer
Paschalis Paschos   Full Time Lecturer
Sanders Robert L. Full Time Lecturer
Music Department
Raynovich William   Full-Time Lecturer
Psychology Department
Bolden Kiela A. Full Time Lecturer
Garrett-Wilson Shirlyn M. Full Time Lecturer
Hall Essie M. Full Time Lecturer
High-Rogers Dena   Full Time Lecturer
Madison Bakahia S. Full Time Lecturer
Nazon Maryse   Full Time Lecturer
Social Work Department
Evans-Parker Doretta   Full-Time Lecturer
Accounting and Finance Department
Arredondo Richard J. Full Time Lecturer
Elmes Lynette L. Full Time Lecturer
Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems Department
Bibb Stephanie F. Full Time Lecturer
Osuji Louis O. Full Time Lecturer
Upshaw Scott   Full Time Lecturer
Early Childhood and Bilingual Educcation Department
Chilton Telia Y. Full Time Lecturer
Leys Barbara   Full Time Lecturer
Graduate Studies Department
Laosebikan Olanipekun   Full Time Lecturer
Secondary Education, Professional Studies and Recreation Department
McNicholas Michael J. Full Time Lecturer
Health Information Administration Department
Bowman Mary A. Full Time Lecturer
Shannon Joyce D. Full Time Lecturer
Health Studies Department
Britt Thomas   Full-Time Lecturer
Nursing Department
Barlow-Walls Charita   Full-Time Lecturer
Jackson Leslie   Full Time Lecturer
Love Tamara F. Full Time Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Department
Ford Veronica A. Full Time Lecturer
Pharmacy Practice Department
McLawhorn Daniel   Full-Time Lecturer
Part-Time Lecturers Unit B
Art and Design Department
Buitron Roberto   Lecturer-Part Time
Dieffenbach Angela   Lecturer-Part Time
Kelly Michael   Lecturer-Part Time
Criminal Justice, Philosophy, and Political Science Department
Crump Tracy   Lecturer-Part Time
Goodrum Cassandra B. Lecturer-Part Time
Patterson Jon L. Lecturer-Part Time
Paulson John J. Lecturer-Part Time
Roberts Charlotte A. Lecturer-Part Time
Smith Brian   Lecturer-Part Time
Communications, Media Arts and Theatre Department
Anderson Jiba   Lecturer-Part-Time
Daniels Alvin   Lecturer-Part Time
Kois Craig   Lecturer-Part Time
Leonard Letitia   Lecturer-Part Time
Miles Reginald   Lecturer-Part Time
Foreign Languages and Literature Department
Hu Ling-Ling   Lecturer - Part Time
Geography, Sociology, History, African American Studies and Anthropology Department
Kimble Lionel   Lecturer - Part Time
King Margaret   Lecturer-Part Time
Health Studies Department
Campbell Kenneth   Lecturer-Part Time
Math and Computer Science Department
Dardai Shahid M. Lecturer-Part Time
Kopparapu Venkata Kiran   Lecturer-Part Time
Radulescu Marius   Lecturer-Part Time
Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems Department
Offari Yaw   Lecturer-Part Time
Music Department
DeSanto Donn   Lecturer - Part time
Offard Felton   Lecturer-Part Time
Social Work Department
Harris Yolanda   Lecturer - Part time
Thompson Theodore   Lecturer-Part Time
Part-Time Lecturer Non-Unit B
Accounting and Finance Department
Leach Elroy   Lecturer-Part Time
Thomas LaTasha   Lecturer-Part Time
Criminal Justice, Philosophy, and Political Science Department
Williams Renee   Lecturer-Part Time
Williams Tyrone   Lecturer-Part Time
Zurawski Mac-Z   Lecturer-Part Time
Communications, Media Arts and Theatre Department
Houston Christine   Lecturer-Part Time
Jackson Muriel   Lecturer-Part Time
Foreign Languages and Literature Department
Elnatour Mohamed   Lecturer - Part Time
Graduate Programs in Education Department
Hall Vinni   Lecturer - Part Time
Maloy Jerlyn   Lecturer-Part Time
Geography, Sociology, History, African American Studies and Anthropology Department
Ribant Michael   Lecturer - Part Time
Sanders Gregory   Lecturer-Part Time
Health Information Administration Department
Oglesby Shelley   Lecturer-Part Time
Health Studies Department
Anguh Ivonne   Lecturer-Part Time
Christian-Thompson Antonia   Lecturer-Part Time
Roberson Tonya   Lecturer-Part Time
Sanders Courtney   Lecturer-Part Time
Williams Quintin   Lecturer-Part Time
Information Studies Department
Almajali Sufyan   Lecturer-Part Time
Roth Mark    
Maths and Computer Science Department
Achanta Sreenivas   Lecturer-Part Time
Adhikaria Prasanna   Lecturer-Part Time
Alzoubi Mohammad   Lecturer-Part Time
ArmouttiAlzoubi HusseinMohammad   Lecturer-Part Time
HusseinMohammad Dawit   Lecturer-Part Time
Griffin Kristen   Lecturer-Part Time
Haile Girum   Lecturer-Part Time
Pamulapati Madan   Lecturer-Part Time
Peesapati Srinivas   Lecturer-Part Time
Armoutti Hussein   Lecturer-Part Time
Getachew Dawit   Lecturer-Part Time
Griffin Kristen   Lecturer-Part Time
Haile Girum   Lecturer-Part Time
Pamulapati Madan   Lecturer-Part Time
Peesapati Srinivas   Lecturer-Part Time
Setia Deepak   Lecturer-Part Time
Singleton Damond   Lecturer-Part Time
Surubhotla Srinivas   Lecturer-Part Time
Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems Department
LaBonne Paul   Lecturer-Part Time
Vaughan Emmett   Lecturer-Part Time
Nursing Department
Anderson Leona   Lecturer-Part Time
Barlow-Walls Charita   Lecturer-Part Time
Caine Janita   Lecturer-Part Time
Celestin Myra   Lecturer-Part Time
Moore-Ahmad Dorothy   Lecturer-Part Time
Ngonmeudge Guilliaum   Lecturer-Part Time
Okhuila Dan   Lecturer-Part Time
Prendergast Patricia   Lecturer-Part Time
Ramirez Patricia   Lecturer-Part Time
Watson Adrienne   Lecturer-Part Time
Occupational Therapy Department
Allen Jacquelyn   Lecturer-Part Time
Byrd-Smith Cherron   Lecturer-Part Time
Davenport Kermeisha   Lecturer-Part Time
Weston Barbara   Lecturer-Part Time
Pharm Sciences Department
Slonek Joseph   Lecturer-Part Time
Social Work Department
Moore Amzie   Lecturer-Part Time
Odeh Camille   Lecturer-Part Time