Chicago State University
Appropriation Requests

With the Board of Trustee’s approval, the Budget Office submits the University's budget requests to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) as part of the Resource Allocation Management Program (RAMP) documents. IBHE reviews and analyzes requests from public universities, community colleges and related higher education agencies and produces its budget recommendations for higher education for operations, grants, and capital improvements, which are sent to the appropriate budget staffs of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) and members of the General Assembly.

The Illinois Constitution requires the Governor to prepare and submit a state budget to the General Assembly that includes recommended spending levels for state agencies based on estimated funds available from tax collections and other sources, and state debt and liabilities as developed by the GOMB. Per state mandate, GOMB prepares the Governor's annual state budget and advises the Governor on the availability of revenues and the allocation of those resources to agency programs.”

The Governor presents his/her budget recommendations in an address to the General Assembly each year on the third Wednesday in February. Both the Illinois House and Illinois Senate hold budget hearings with state universities during the two months immediately following the governor's address. The version of the budget passed by the General Assembly, usually at the end of the legislative session, may provide an appropriation different from that proposed by the Governor. The Governor may reduce or veto a line of appropriation from the bill as passed by the General Assembly, without affecting the rest of the appropriation bill; but, those actions may be reversed in the fall sessions by the General Assembly with the necessary vote to override. Once approved by both Houses and signed by the Governor, the new budget is ready for implementation beginning July 1.