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"We are pleased to use this opportunity to welcome all new and returning students of the College of Arts and Sciences to the new academic year 2018-2019!  We anticipate that the fall semester will bring a lot of learning and excitement in your respective academic endeavors and goals.

We are indeed glad that you have chosen CAS as your college and please be assured that we will endeavor to meet with your trust and aspirations.  Be assured that we are here for your success.  We wish you all a great year!"

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Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the intellectual nucleus of the University. The college prepares its students to be competitive in challenging careers in the humanities, fine and performing arts, the social and behavioral sciences, and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. The college provides students throughout the university with broad interdisciplinary awareness and competence to equip them for citizenship in the 21st century environment of diversity, globalization and social justice.

Vision Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences will be recognized for its depth and breadth of scholarship; its commitment to utilizing pedagogies that effectively teach students while equipping them for the workplace; its student and community engagement in research and creative activities to foster economic growth, social justice, and lifelong personal development; its support of all education programs in the University by teaching critical thinking, numeracy and creative and purposeful writing. It will be recognized for engagement in major issues that both challenge and foster democratic thought.

Nowhere are the mission and ambition of Chicago State University better reflected than in the College of Arts and Sciences.

We offer you the opportunity to grow into your best, most complete self. Become acquainted with diverse cultures and yourself. Discover the joys of teaching and learning. Think. Write. Perform. Learn how to compute and construct, Master the art of managing yourself and others.

Complement your quest for knowledge and personal fulfillment with the vast offerings of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

AY 18/19 Faculty/Staff/Student Recognition Announcement Congratulations!

Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman - Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies 

Anthony Coleman enrolled at CSU in the summer of 2014 as a transfer student from East-West University. His major upon enrollment was in the field of Engineering Physics. During his first semester, he became a S-STEM scholar and was assigned to Dr. Archibald Peters for mentoring. Dr. Peters worked closely with him, serving as a mentor and adviser. He began his first research in magnetic properties of semiconductor diodes in December of 2014. He participated in the Illinois LSAMP 2015 Spring Symposium & Student Research Conference and was awarded third place in the field of physics.

Other research projects that he conducted with Dr. Peters included analyses of data from high energy physics experiments and charged coupled devices for neutrino detection. Dr. Peters continued his advising and guidance into more research which led to several summer REU programs such as the one at the University of Chicago in 2016 involving data analysis of Proton-Proton Collisions from CERNS ATLAS. In 2017, The University of Chicago sent him and two other CSU students to Fermilab National Laboratory, where Anthony was assigned to work in the LINAC Department on the Replica Linac accelerator, assembling the emittance scanner that was used to test the beam runs. Anthony Coleman applied and was selected for a prestigious and competitive 2018 summer REU program at Cornell University in the PARADIM Department of Nanotechnology and Materials. The research was in the field of STEM imaging and composition mapping of multimeric materials. This research also was published in Cornell University REU magazine. Mr. Coleman, during his time at CSU, also presented lecture and poster sessions at several local and national conferences. These included The National Society of Black Physicists Annual Conference and University of Michigan Midwestern Regional Space Grant Consortia.

Mr. Coleman stayed active and was dedicated to his academics, maintaining an above 3.0 GPA after a rough start. He continued working hard and closely with Dr. Peters. He was involved in several campus organizations, and in 2017 he served as president of the CSU chapter of the National Society of Black Physicists, National Society of Black Engineers, and American Physical Society. Due to his hard work and outstanding academic achievement, Mr. Coleman received several scholarships and awards while at CSU. These include a NASA scholarship, a CSER research grant, a NSF STEM scholarship, a Sigma Pi Sigma National Honors Award, a Physics Merit Award, a Departmental Physics Award, Dean’s list Award, and the President’s Honor Roll Award. Mr. Coleman, along with Felicia Davenport, were recently invited to become members of the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society and both were inducted in spring 2019. Mr. Coleman is currently a GEM Fellowship finalist and was awarded a GEM internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratories Nuclear Radiation Detection. He will be entering graduate school and hopes to obtain a Master’s degree in Medical Physics and a Ph.D. in Physics.