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Welcome to the MPBI 21st Century Graduate and Professional Students' Academic Studies Initiative


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What is the Initiative?

The 21st Century Graduate and Professional Students’ Academic Initiative is a six year program funded by an MPBI grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The primary goal of the 21st Century Initiative program is to enhance the Graduate and Professional student experience (for those in the applicable disciplines) here at Chicago State University.

Who is Eligible?

To participate in the 21st Century Initiative a student must be pursuing a Graduate degree in the following four majors:

  • Biology
  • GIS (Geography)
  • Mathematics / Computer Science
  • Occupational Therapy

All African-American Graduate students in the respective disciplines are eligible.

All others must meet the financial requirements.

What are the Benefits?

Members of the Initiative have:

  • Received scholarships
  • Received supplies and equipment for research
  • Attended academic and personal growth workshops right here at CSU
  • Received travel assistance to present at local and national academic conferences
  • And more!

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