Accounting Course Description

1290 LEGAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS (3) - Basic environment of business, including legal institutions, contracts, negotiable instruments, etc. Emphasis on legal, social, and political issues facing urban business today such as antitrust, environmental control, and consumer protection. Includes material on ethics and values. Students will be involved with the analysis of cases. IAI: BUS 913.

2110 INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING LECTURE AND LABORATORY/4 (3) Prerequisite: Successful completion of the university Mathematics Qualifying Examination or course equivalency. - The course introduces students to the principles of accounting as they relate to corporate ownership and emphasizes those procedures and concepts required to generate financial statements for external users. Topics covered include the accounting cycle, cash, accounts receivable, inventory transactions, long-term assets and liabilities, contributed capital, the statement of cash flows, and financial statement analysis. A one-hour problem solving laboratory is required.

2111 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING LECTURE AND LABORATORY/4 (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2110 - The course focuses on how managers use accounting information for decision making. Students will study product costing, activity-based costing, performance management and evaluation, CVP analysis, budgeting, factors to be considered in pricing decisions, capital investment analysis, and quality management and measurement.

2120 COST ACCOUNTING (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2111 - Accounting principles applied to manufacturing operations. Development of product costs under job order and process costing systems. Topics discussed also include joint product costs, overhead allocation, standard costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, and analysis of variances.

2291 BUSINESS LAW I (3) Prerequisite: Junior standing. - An introduction to the American legal system, followed by study of the following substantive areas of law: contracts, negotiable instruments, and sales. IAI: BUS 912.

3213 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2111 and admission to the College of Business or consent of the department. - Accounting principles applied to asset, liability, revenue, and expense items appearing on financial statements. Inventory analysis, depreciation and bad debts analysis, capital and revenue expenditures, selected opinions of the Accounting Principles Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board.

3214 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING II (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 3213 and junior standing. - Accounting principles applied to capital items appearing on financial statements. Statement of changes in financial position and cash flow statement. Long term debt, accounting for pensions, and leases are covered extensively.

3292 BUSINESS LAW II (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2291. - The study of law relating to real and personal property, bailments, partnerships, corporations, insurance, securities, estates, and wills.

3293 FEDERAL INCOME TAX (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2111, 2291, and junior standing. - Theory and broad outlines of federal income taxation. Introduction to preparation of income tax returns, tax planning, and problems of compliance with the IRS code by individuals.

3314 ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS (3) Prerequisite: INSY 1370, ACCT 2120, ACCT 3214 and junior standing. - This course is designed for managerial accountants and auditors that must use accounting information systems and applications. Internal controls, systems concepts, and computer applications are included in the course. Students will gain practical hands-on computer experience.

3319 ACCOUNTING FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 3214 or consent of the department. - Accounting, concepts, methods, and informational needs for planning and control in government, health, education, and other nonprofit organizations.

4315 ADVANCED ACCOUNTING (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 3214. - Intensive study of partnerships, consolidations, mergers, and stock and asset acquisitions. Lectures, discussions, and readings are supplemented with problem assignments and spreadsheet applications.

4316 ACCOUNTING RESEARCH STANDARDS AND THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION (3) Prerequisite: Admitted major or minor. ACCT 4315 or consent of the department. -Structure of accounting profession. Current issues and pronouncements of accounting standards. Professional ethics.

4317 AUDITING (3) Prerequisite: Admitted major or minor. ACCT 4315 or consent of the department. - The principles, concepts, procedures, and responsibilities of an audit engagement, including consideration of internal control structure, application, and procedures for obtaining audit evidence and preparation of audit reports. (A writing emphasis course.)

4318 ACCOUNTING THEORY AND ORGANIZATION CONTROL (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 2120. - The accountant as the chief control member of the management team. Advanced problems and readings in cost control, capital budgeting, information for decision-making, organization theory, information systems, and human behavior.

4325 INTERNAL AUDITING (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 4317 or consent of the department. - Concepts and techniques through which an organization’s own employees ascertain for the management whether (1) established management controls are adequate and are effectively maintained; (2) records and financial, accounting, and other reports reflect actual operations and results accurately and promptly; and (3) each division, department, or other unit is carrying out the plans, policies, and procedures for which it is responsible.

4394 ADVANCED FEDERAL INCOME TAX (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 3293. - Federal income tax implications for corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts, tax payments, assessment, collection, and refunds. Research project assignment.

4900 INDEPENDENT STUDY AND SPECIAL PROBLEMS (3) Prerequisite: Junior standing.- Designed for independent research and study of special accounting problems. A comprehensive research paper is required. Maximum of two enrollments, not in the same term, for a total of six credit hours.