Program Effectiveness and Student Achievement

 College of Pharmacy Measures

Graduation Rate Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Total Class Size 86 60
On – time graduation rate 62.8% (59) 75% (45)
Graduation within 1 year (2019) 84.9% (73) TBD
Graduation within 2 year (2020) TBD TBD

NAPLEX Pass Rate Class of 2018 Class of 2019
NAPLEX First – Time pass rate 57.8% 50.7%

Student Achievement Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Entering Residency 5.4% (5) 6.7% (4)

“I believe that the diversity of each experience that our program offers has more than adequately prepared me to be the best pharmacist that I could possibly be after I graduate. CSU College of Pharmacy has greatly impacted my ability to learn and understand the practice of pharmacy so that I can provide the highest level of pharmaceutical care for the people that I will serve during my career.”

Ms. Chelsey Imel,PharmD

Class of 2013

Chicago State University

College of Pharmacy