Continuing Education & Nontraditional Degree Programs

For more than forty years, Continuing Education and Nontraditional Degree programs has been in the forefront of providing quality lifelong education to people from all backgrounds and of all ages, whether they are eight months, eighteen, or eighty. From nontraditional baccalaureate degrees to aquatics and technology, Continuing Education offers an array of customer driven, custom designed educational and training courses, programs, workshops, and seminars.

In response to the changing need to make learning more accessible to adults and children of all ages, Continuing Education provides a variety of credit and non-credit courses and programs.

We have a long and distinguished track record of meeting the growing demands in the workplace for additional skill development as well as  flexible educational  opportunities for personal enrichment and new skills.

Nontraditional Degree Programs

Adults are exhibiting a greater desire for educational opportunities consistent with their styles of living and working to improve both the quality of life as well as the quality of their contributions to society. Adults involved in the world of work and family may often be unable to take advantage of the traditional four-year degree programs at the university. In response to the growing population of adult learners, Chicago State University offers a nontraditional degree program.

Options Program

Through the Options Program, the university offers classes, workshops and seminars covering a wide array of interests for all ages. Included are classes in academics, computers, arts and crafts, business and vocations, dance and fitness, music, personal development, recreation and special courses for mature adults. This service unit offers the opportunity to join an active, creative community of lifelong learners. All classes are non-credit and reasonably priced.

Community Outreach Partnerships and Services 

At the heart of the University's mission is the Outreach Partnerships and Services Program which plays a critical role in the recruitment and enrollment efforts of the University. The program's objective is to establish collaborations that benefit the community as well as the University. By creating and implementing credit and non-credit programs, organizations, communities and others have been motivated to take action or make changes. This requires knowing and understanding different audiences and strategizing how best to work together.  This unit embraces the university’s commitment to service and community development through alliances that focus on education, social justice, leadership, economic development, and entrepreneurship.

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