Chicago State University

Programming and Outreach

Program Description:

The Chicago State University Counseling Department Outreach Program (CDOP) is coordinated by Dr. Tonya Hall, Associate Professor and Staff Psychologist of Counseling and located at CRSUB, Room 182; 773-995-2383;

Would you like additional support? The mission of the CDOP is to support student enrollment, retention, and success and enhance the consciousness and psychosocial well-being of the entire CSU community. The CDOP is designed to provide psychoeducational services via PowerPoint presentations, screenings, referrals, and the distribution of resources in various modalities including to individuals (e.g., those who would like to obtain the information and resources but do not have time to attend the campus events), groups (e.g., campus organizations, student orientations, and Colleges), classes (e.g., guest lecturer presentations), campus-wide events and workshops, and resource stands outside of the Counseling Center. The CDOP addresses the following psychosocial areas:

  • Stress & Anxiety Management,
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement,
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness,
  • Anger Management & Conflict Resolution,
  • Violence Prevention (e.g., Domestic Violence Awareness, Veteran & Military Support, Justice Involved Individual Support),
  • Cultural Diversity Awareness (e.g., Disability Awareness, International Student Support, LGBTQ Awareness), and
  • Psychological Wellness Awareness (e.g., taking care of your mental and physical health; maintaining a school and/or work-life balance).

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