Chicago State University

Life on Campus

Experience on-campus living

Students who live on campus at Chicago State will experience life in and outside of the classroom living and learning experience, CSU housing offers students the convenience of living on campus, forming life changing relationships with student, faculty and staff and be exposed to a variety of activities and leadership opportunities within a few feet of the room!

Located in the heart of the campus, CSU housing is a suite style co-educational building that is home to 330+ undergraduate and graduate students. CSU housing offers a variety of amenities that will aid the student in their academic endeavors as well as civic engagement. Our Residence Hall comes equipped with WiFi, study lounges, computer labs, laundry room and Front Desk service.
Our staff is well trained and excited to help students in their academic and leadership goals. Students can look forward to interacting with Resident Assistants, Community Assistants, Administrative Assistant, Housing Security Guards, Front Desk Attendants, and Director throughout the academic year. Our staff is committed to providing the safest living environment as well as offering a variety of programs that will help students get exposed to cultural, spiritual, social and academic pursuits.


CSU Housing has a variety of leadership opportunities through student employment and volunteer student organizations. Resident and Community Assistants are live-on student staff members who are selected to be a resource for students. Through programs and operational procedures, these student staff members are committed to making sure each housing student needs are met.

Residence Hall Council is the student governing body for Housing. This student run organization is committed to advocating for policies and procedures that cater to the needs of all residence as well as coordinating community wide programming that help students become involved within housing and the CSU community. Getting involved with Residence Hall Council opens the door for students to get exposed to other leadership opportunities within the CSU community!

Thanksgiving Celebration

A time to give thanks and offer student reflection on their experience at Chicago State. Banquet style dinner is served to all Residence Hall students, hosted and sponsored by Perkins Management and CSU Faculty & Administration.

Midnight Breakfast

Midterms and Finals are some of the most stressful times for our students. Housing staff offer stress relieving programs during these times to take the edge off! One of the most popular programs is the midnight breakfast. Students have an opportunity to take a break from studying and enjoy breakfast during the late night hours. Stress relieving activities are in place to help students clear their minds!

Recreational Tournaments

Our housing students are committed to health and wellness. Several sporting tournaments such as basketball, dodge ball and volleyball are hosted throughout the school year to encourage fitness.

First Year Experience

First year college life can be challenging and rewarding. To help first year students' transition well, there are additional policies and procedures set in place to help. All First year students can look forward to being enrolled in the University RISE Academy. RISE is a program that offers mandatory study table, free tutoring in any discipline and free academic workshops. Statistics show students who successfully complete the requirement of the RISE Academy are less likely to be on academic probation!

Upper-class and Graduate Experience

CSU Housing welcomes upper-class and graduate students. We offer single and double as single rates for our older students. Policies and procedures are put into place to help upper-class and graduate students get the most out of their educational and living experience.

Eating on Campus

Housing students can look forward to the Residence Hall meal plan. Residence Hall meal plans are included in the housing rates. Housing students can look forward to a maximum of 19 meals a week from our campus dining facility managed by Perkins Management located within steps of the Residence Hall building.