Kelly Ellis

Kelly Norman Ellis, Ph.D

Department Chairperson English, Foreign Language and Literatures

An Overview

The Department of English, Foreign Languages and Literatures (EFL&L) offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with options in literature, secondary teaching, and writing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in FL&L.

The department also offers minor sequences in English and foreign languages for students majoring in other fields. Course offerings include literature, linguistics,writing, foreign languages and literature.

Department Chairperson

Dr. Kelly Norman Ellis ph. 995-2190 WS 320 kellis@csu.edu

Academic Advisors

Dr. Brenda E. Aghahowa (Graduate - MA and MFA) ph. 995-2203 WS 284 baghahow@csu.edu

Professor Darrell Darrisaw (Undergraduate) ph. 995-2429 WS 318 ddarrisa@csu.edu

Ms. DoLisha Miller-Pleasant (Undergraduate) ph. 995-2121 HWH 335 dmille20@csu.edu

Notes from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of English, Foreign Languages and Literatures and to programs designed to facilitate your development as English majors. The motto of the English program is "Excellence, Scholarship, and Humanity." We expect that you will represent the best of these qualities at CSU and beyond. Our faculty and staff  applaud your decision to major in English.  We invite inquiries concerning course work and other department-related endeavors, and we are eager to assist you as you matriculate through the program. Simultaneously, we expect and count on student responsibility. Successful completion of your program will require regular class attendance, timely completion of assignments, class participation, and fulfillment of all requirements as indicated in the university catalog, and by your instructors and advisors.

Again, welcome to the English Program.

Dr. Kelly Norman Ellis

Options in English

Student Hand WritingStudents majoring in English may select one of three options: literature, writing, or secondary teaching in English. Students in the literature and writing options may prepare  for a variety of careers such as writing, editing, advertising, business, law, and librarianship. Completion of the option in secondary teaching in English qualifies students for the State of Illinois Standard High School Certificate in English (6 - 12, Type 09). Certification requires successful completion of the State of Illinois certification examinations.

  • Literature Option
  • Writing Option
  • Secondary Teaching in English Option

Minor Sequence in English

Recommended Pattern

Completion of eighteen credit hours in English to be selected with the approval of the departmental academic advisor, including ENG 4335 or 4336, and a minimum of six credit hours in American literature and six credit hours in English literature.

Completion of the minor prior to graduation.

Minor Sequence in Writing

Recommended Pattern

Completion of 18 credit hours in writing to be selected with the approval of the departmental academic advisor, including ENG 2100 and five other courses, one of which should be at the 4000 level.

Completion of the minor prior to graduation.

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