Chicago State University
Book Voucher Policy

Fall 2018 Book Voucher Schedule August 15 – August 24, 2018

To be eligible for a book voucher students:

  1. Must have completed Registration.
  2. Must have a Title IV financial aid credit account balance. Book voucher amount up to $900 maximum amount for full-time enrollment.
  3. Third Party Students - Must submit "Book Voucher Authorization Form" to the Bursar Office. Book voucher amount will be limited to the amount authorized by third party program.

Direct Deposit Book Voucher

***Student must have made Refund selection with BankMobile by August 10th***

Refund Selection Process

You must login to your student portal-

Once logged in, click the "My Info" tab

Click "Pay or View MyBill/eRefund" link

Click "eRefund" tab

Click "Continue to BankMobile" button

Select how your would like to receive your money

If you select the BankMobile account as your selection you will receive a temporary virtual Debit MasterCard to use until your physical card arrives in the mail.

If you select your personal bank account the funds will be sent to your personal account in 2 business days

Credit Balance By DIRECT DEPOSIT Book Voucher
August 10, 2018 August 15, 2018
CSU ID BOOK VOUCHER-Scholarship Book Vouchers


Scholarship departments will notify students when Book vouchers are available

Last day to use CSU ID Book Voucher Last day to use Any PAPER Book Voucher
August 24, 2018 August 24, 2018