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Faculty and Staff Campaign FAQs

Faculty and Staff Campaign Frequently asked Questions

Faculty and Staff Campaign FAQs

Q: Why is faculty  and staff  giving  so important to Chicago State University?

A:  Gifts from faculty and staff provide funding for important initiatives at the University. They likewise are an endorsement of the University, announcing to alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations that Chicago State University is an institution worthy of financing and that support starts at “home.”

Q: When will faculty  and staff  be asked to make a gift?

A: The active phase of the Campaign is from October through November. During that time, volunteers and students will personally distribute gift forms to faculty and staff and ask them to make a gift.  However, the University Campaign is a year-round effort and gifts may be given at any time.

Q: How much of my gift will actually  go to the fund(s) I select?

A: 100 percent!

Q: How are my funds used?

A: The Chicago State Foundation (Foundation) has multiple funds that you can support. The Foundation and University Administrators are dedicated to being good stewards of these donations. The objective is not to deplete any of the funds, but to continue to build the necessary support that sustains the University and its activities for years to come.

Q: Not everyone  can afford to make a large contribution. What difference could a small gift make?

A: Each gift—no matter how large or how modest—is significant. Whatever amount, your gift shows that you believe in the fund you have chosen to support.

Q: Is my gift tax deductible?

A: Yes. To the extent provided by law.

You can help make a difference at CSU by supporting your passion in a variety of ways.

  • Make a one time donation
  • Make a donation through payroll deduction.
  • Download a pledge form and mail it to the Foundation.
  • Download a payroll deduction form and mail it to the Foundation.