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From the Office of the Dean:
Honors Medalion

Kelly Harris Welcome To The Honors College at Chicago State University! We are a community of scholars with high expectations of ourselves and others. We are students, faculty and staff dedicated to the service of others in the campus community around us now and the local, regional and global community in the future.

Our primary goal is to facilitate, manage and enable all of the elements necessary for intellectual, personal and social growth of our students that lead to a life and love of learning. From committed faculty and staff to an exceptional community of students, the Honors College serves as a teaching and learning laboratory for life beyond CSU for its members.

Our hope is that you find within this site the resources you may need to join the Honors College community of scholars, or monitor the progress of your son or daughter through regular updates to the site, or check the status of friends and fellow students in the Honors College.

Welcome to The Honors College at Chicago State University!