Chicago State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get access to Banner?

A. Access to Banner is restricted to users on a need only basis. An Account Request form must be completed for all new users and for users needing additional privileges and submitted to the Banner Database Manager, Helen Jackson, in ADM101. Click here to download form: (hyperlink)

Q. How do I change my Banner password?

A. Banner passwords are changed by going into form GUAPSWD. Type your current password at Oracle Password. Type a new password, using at least six characters, at New Oracle Password. Retype new password at Verify Password then click OK.

Q. I' m locked out of Banner, what should I do?

A. Being locked out of Banner usually occurs after 5 failed login attempts and your password has to be reset. Call the Banner Database Manager, Helen Jackson at extension 2841.

Q. I' m in a Banner form and my screen freezes, what should I do?

A. Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys while pressing the Delete key. When the Windows Task Manager screen appears, make sure the Banner database is highlighted then press End Task.

Q. My Novell password needs to be reset, what should I do?

A. Call the Network Specialist, Rolando Gatmaitan, at extension 3740.

Q. What should I do when the "Password will expire in 5 days" message appears?

A. You should change your password immediately. Waiting may cause you to have problems running jobs through Job Submission as well as being locked out of Banner.