Chicago State University

System Upgrade Policy

In keeping with the Banner mission, our policy is to maintain the Banner system at the most current levels supported by SCT. We also use third-party vendors whose partnership with SCT provides functionality complementary to the Banner system. The following procedures are used when applying any upgrade to the system:

  • Prior to the upgrade, each Banner Functional Coordinator will receive a Banner Release Guide.
  • The applicable Banner Functional Coordinator, department head, and user(s) will need to be familiar with the modifications outlined in the Banner Release Guide.
  • The Banner Database Manager installs the upgrade application to a test database.
  • Each Banner Functional Coordinator will develop a thorough test plan for the upgraded application.
  • The departmental users of each module will execute the plan by testing their normal processes and reports, and any new functionality that may be implemented.
  • Any problems found during testing are investigated and corrected by either the departmental users--if data problems--or the Banner Database Manager--if application problems.
  • When testing is complete, the Banner Functional Coordinators must notify the Banner Database Manager to install the upgrade(s) to the production database.