Voice Mail

The Office of Telecommunications requests that users regularly review and delete their voice mail messages.  Below are instructions on voice mail use.

Request a Voice Mail Password Reset

I. How to log into Voice Mail

  • Dial extension 2100 or press the Message key, (773) 995-2100 if off campus.
  • Enter the extension number and press #, if you are dialing from the extension assigned to you, press #.
  • Enter the password and press #.

(For first time users or if the password was reset, the temporary password is 77 + extension number)

 II.   Change Password

  • Login to Voice Mail 
  • Press 84 (change password command)
  • Enter your old password and press #.
  • Enter your new password (must be six - eight numbers in length) and press #.
  • Re-enter your new password and press #.
  • Hang up to exit voice mail system

 III.    Listen to Voice Mail

  • Login to Voice Mail
  • Press 2, if necessary, to listen to the message
  • Press 1 to rewind 5 seconds
  • Press 3 to forward 5 seconds
  • Press 6 to proceed to next message
  • Press 4 to go back to previous message
  • Press 76 to delete message, press 76 again to restore message
  • Hang up to exit voice mail system 

IV. Record Your Name and Greetings 

  1. Login to Voice Mail (extension 2100)
  2. Press 82 (Record messages/personal verification)
    1. External Greeting, press 1
    2. Internal Greeting, press 2
    3. Temporary Greeting, press 3
    4. Personal Verification (record your name), press 9
  3. Press 5 to record your message or name
  4. Press # to stop recording
  5. Press 2 to listen to the recording
  6. Press 5 to add to the message
  7. Press 76 to delete the message and rerecord (repeat steps 3-5).
  8. If recording a temporary greeting, press 9 to enter the expiry date.  The system will automatically revert to the original greeting upon the expiry date.
  9. To return to voice mail, press 4 or hang up to exit system 

 V.   Forward a message

  1. After hearing the message, press 73 to forward
  2. Enter the mailbox/extension number and press #.  Do this for every extension you want to forward this message
  3. Press # again to end the list
  4. Press 5 to record a message for the message forwarded
  5. Press # to stop the recording.
  6. Press 79 to send the message
  7. Hang up to exit voice mail system