Conference Bridge

The Office of Telecommunications offers GoToMeeting to our users to conduct conference bridge calls. Departments requiring this service can purchase a renewable annual license by contacting us at If the requesting department chooses not to purchase an annual license, the cost of each conference bridge is $30.00.  The department must pay for the first three calls, for a total of $90.00, prior to the first conference bridge call.  ITD does NOT facilitate conference bridge calls, i.e., scheduling, sending notifications, or provide the connection.

GoToMeeting provides users with the following capabilities.

  • Meetings with up to 100 attendees
  • Join by computer, phone, smart phone, mobile app, tablet, etc.
  • Join meeting anywhere there is an internet connection – wired or wireless
  • One click scheduling
  • Google calendar plugin
  • Outlook calendar plugin
  • Salesforce integration
  • Office 365 plugin
  • Screen sharing, mouse & keyboard control
  • Voice commands with Siri
  • Personal meeting rooms
  • Drawing tools
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • On-line chat
  • Share transcripts of recorded meetings
  • Instantly change presenters

Any GoToMeeting administrator who need information and support

The Office of Telecommunications allows users to borrow our conference phones to make clear, hands-free conference calls.  To request a conference phone, please place an incident order in TIMS at least five business days prior to the meeting date.