Chicago State University

Answer to Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a new CSU employee, how do I obtain telephone and data services.

If you are a new CSU employee and require Add, Moves, or Changes to your telephone service, submit the order in TIMS. All Service order forms must be approved by your Dean, Department Chair, or Department Head. A staff member from the Office of Telecommunications will contact you regarding your request.

  • If your request requires data services please contact the (ITD) Information Technology Department Help desk at (X3963).
2. How do I set up my voice mail?
If you are able to access your voice mail box but you require instructions on how to navigate through the voice mail system, please visit
6. My Telephone does not ring what should I do?

First you should check your ringer control button on your telephone. If you have a single line telephone, adjust the device by rolling it back and forth so that the numbers are visible and the ringer is loud enough for you to hear, (your ringer control button is a gray wheel type device located on the right side of your telephone).

If you have a multi line telephone, without lifting your hand set, press the Program Button, press 00 for volume control, press the scroll bar at the bottom of your telephone up or down to adjust the volume, press the program to exit the feature.

Second, check to make sure that your phone is not forwarded to another extension. If you have a single telephone press #1 on your dial pad to cancel the forwarding feature. If you have a multi line telephone simply press the Forward Button on your telephone one time to cancel the forwarding feature. For further assistance please visit telephone manuals web page and down load our Telephone User Guides for your specific telephone type.

If none of the above resolves your issue, please submit an incident ticket in TIMS.

8. I am a new employee, I do not know how to operate my telephone, what should I do?

Please view the telephone manual of your specific model on our manuals page.