Chicago State University

Web Service Forms

Account Request Form

The Account Request Form must be completed before access can be issued to the department website. We ask that one full time employee be appointed from the department to work with us. The liaison will be responsible for content update for the department website. Unless the department Site Publisher and/or Department Head changes, this form is only to be completed and submitted once.

Click here to download Web Account Request Form

Web Services Request Form

The Web Services Request Form must be completed before any site can be created and/or updated by the department. A department head must sign all request forms. You may FAX all signed forms to x12858.

Please allow five (5) business days for edits/updates. Expect major updates and new websites to take an additional 3 days, depending on the workload.

For existing websites requiring minor changes, a printout of the web page(s) with neatly and legibly written edits added is recommended with submission. Illegible corrections will delay your updates. Copy, graphics, and other files associated with your website must accompany all requests. Copy should be saved as text only (no preformatted word files will be accepted). Include a printout of formatted files, brochures, posters, flyers or announcements associated with the department site and/or event. This form should be submitted each time for request of service.

Click here to download Web Services Request Form.

The Right to Publish Form

The Right to Publish Form must be filled out in order to authorize the Office of Web Support to publish web pages on the production server. The form states that your office has reviewed the web page(s) in order to verify that the information is correct and your department's approval is being given to publish the web page(s).

Click here to download The Right to Publish Form.