Chicago State University

About Us

Williams Science CenterOur goals are to establish partnerships with IT, computing and security-related industries; to provide pratical industrial experiences, internships and employment opportunities for CSU's computer science students; to provide cloud computing and secure data storage services to the university, health care organizations, state and federal government agencies, schools and businesses; and to provide a source of revenue to the university to support academic programs, students and computing infrastructure. Our mission is to have a strategic partnership with Chicago State University's Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics to advance its academic agenda of fostering student innovation and providing an experiential curriculum. 

Our Vision

Academic LibraryOur vision is to be a self-sufficient, independent non-profit organization serving the needs of students, research faculty, academic IT groups, health care organizations, schools and small businesses. Our teams of student conduct research consistent with funding priorities of national and state grant agencies to develop academic partnerships with institutions of higher learning in other countries. 

Department of Math and Computer Science DataCenter also:

  • Provide a safe, secure and financially sound IT environment for clients.​
  • Impacts practical training and prepares CSU students for beneficial employment.
  • Participates in national initiatives for global education and learning.
  • Creates an environment for diversity, entrepreneurship and growth.