Chicago State University


Director of CSU Latino Resource Center Aids Chilean University

Fernando Diaz, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the Latino Center at Chicago State University, recently visited the Universidad Catolica del Maule (UCM) in Talca, Chile to assist with the tracking mechanism of its alumni.

The main objective of the visit was to determine the relationship of the alumni at universities in the United States, specifically in the case of CSU which shares many similarities to UCM. Assistant Dean Diaz was received by the UCM president, Dr. Diego Duran along with with Ricardo Chacon, Director of Planning and Development; and Yvette Duran, Director of the UCM Alumni program.

Diaz noted "I feel UCM alumni efforts are evident and are on track, thanks to a close knit team with a good workflow, which will certainly help the entire institution, not just the Alumni Program. Interestingly, the UCM Alumni Project is being developed in a manner in which the structure will contribute to other units within UCM and may even become a benchmark for other universities in Chile, " he said.

With respect to his work in the Latino Center of Chicago State University, he provides additional support to students in their college enrollment process, and improves their ability to successfully graduate such as: financing a college education, leadership and professional development, among other things. In this context he met with the Department of Teaching and Curriculum Design, Student Affairs and the Office of International Relations, among others.

Both universities are working towards establishing an exchange program for students, faculty and administrators.