Chicago State University

Council on Teacher Quality Has High Praise for CSU Education Program

NCTQ Honor RollChicago State University’s undergraduate teaching program has made the “Honor Roll” of the National Council on Teacher Quality, a non-profit education-based think tank that focuses on teacher training.

“CSU was founded as a teachers college more than 140 years ago, and though we have branched out into many other academic programs, training the next generation of teachers remains at the core of our mission” CSU President Dr. Wayne D. Watson said. “Our College of Education is full of world-class instructors who have worked tirelessly to become one of most respected programs in the state and this honor is a sign of their great work.”

NCTQ carefully examines the aspects of training that matter most for effective teaching in the PK-12 system: candidates’ academic strengths, the depth of their mastery of the subjects they will teach, and the quality of the opportunities to practice. The CSU undergraduate elementary program was one of only 107 out of 2,420 elementary and secondary programs in the nation making our 2013 Honor Roll.

 “The recognitions sends a strong message to any student or prospective student who wants to be a great teacher one day; Chicago State University is where you want to be,” Watson added.