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Cricket Comes to CSU!

Cricket Comes to CSU!The CSU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science hosted the first ever campus cricket match on May 12, 2014.

Cricket can be traced all the way back to the 16th Century. Throughout the world, the sport  has had a major influence on popular culture in many nations. It has been a binding factor that has brought people together across barriers of language and race. Cricket has influenced the creation of many sports; most notably it had a major role in defining the rules and the culture of baseball. Cricket has even been called “The Father of Baseball”.  For the CSU Match, students from computer science formed the two competing teams (Team ‘A’ & ‘B’).

President Watson and Dean Kannis inaugurated the game with the President as the first batsman and the Kannis as the first bowler.

To learn more about the rules of Cricket, click HERE.  

Match Summary: Team ‘A’ vs Team ‘B'

  • In a 16 Overs match each team will play and each team has 11 Players.

  • Team ‘B’ won the toss elected to bowl first.

  • Team ‘A’ batting first scored 102 / 10 all out in 13 Overs.

  • In reply Team ‘B’ scored 98 / 10 all out in 14.3 Overs.

  • Team ‘A’ won the match by 4 runs.

Cricket Comes to CSU!Cricket Comes to CSU!