Chicago State University


President Watson Speaks As Expert Panelist

President Watson Speaks As Expert PanelistPresident Watson spoke as an expert panelist during the 43rd annual Rainbow Push Coalition International Convention. The subject: The State of Blacks in Higher Education. The panel featured other presidents from PBIs (Predominantly Black Institutions), HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and an expert in African American Studies: Dr. Glenda Glover, President of Tennessee State University; Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President of Spelman College; Michael J. Sorrell, President of Paul Quinn College; Dr. Martha Biondi, Professor Northwestern University. Each panelist spoke on issues facing African-Americans in institutions of higher education, each with a distinct focus on their respective institutions. “We are still faced with some of the challenges we had 50 years ago,” cautioned President Watson. The panelists were also asked about major issues specific to their institutions. President Watson explains, “For Chicago State University, the challenge is allocation of state funding based on metrics that do not take into account our non-traditional student body.”

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