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CSU Makes Pitch For Obama Library

President ObamaChicago State University is officially in the running to be the future home of the Obama Presidential Library. CSU submitted its Request for Qualification (RFQ) document, the first official step in applying to be the home of the library, to the Obama Foundation ahead of schedule last week.
The RFQ outlines the many reasons that CSU would make the best home for the Obama Library. It's well known that the Library would have a transformative economic impact on the communities surrounding the University. These same communities are where a young Barack Obama first came to be a community organizer with the Developing Communities Project in 1985. Nearly three decades later, the 44th President of the United States has the opportunity to bring the lasting symbol of his legacy back home to the South Side of Chicago.
Chicago State University

"It has been said that to understand where you are going, you must understand where you are from," CSU President Dr. Wayne Watson said. "President Barack Obama is from many places. He was born in Hawaii and lived in  diverse locations throughout his childhood. He was educated on the East Coast. Yet without a doubt, Barack Obama the leader was born into political action on the Far South Side of Chicago, in the very communities Chicago State University serves each and every day."
The RFQ includes letters of support from a wide cross-section of community leaders, education leaders, religious organizations and elected officials.
Dean of Library and Instruction Services Dr. Richard Darga recently appeared on WTTW's Chicago Tonight program to discuss CSU's bid. Watch Dr. Darga on Chicago Tonight HERE
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