Chicago State University

MAP Grant Message from President Calhoun

President Calhoun

As you should be aware, due to the state of Illinois 2015 Budget Impasse, funds have not been released to cover MAP and Merit Scholarship Programs in Illinois.  Despite the lack of funding, in December 2015 the University made a decision to allow students with balances related to these awards to register for the Spring 2016 term.  As we get closer to finishing the semester, we realize that the outstanding balance on student accounts related to these unpaid awards are negatively impacting the students.  After careful consideration, the University has decided to cover the outstanding balances ONLY, not to result in a refund, for student accounts who, as of March 21, 2016, met the following conditions:

  • Had a Tuition and/or Mandatory Fee balance due to unpaid MAP and/or Merit Scholarship; 
  • Met all conditions for MAP and Merit Awards
  • The posting of an award will not create a credit balance on the student’s account that could result in a refund.

The credit posted to the student account will cover tuition and mandatory fees ONLY.  Students will be responsible for covering non-institutional fees such as graduation, ID replacement, Library fines etc. 

 In addition, the University credit will be reversed if any of the following occurs:

  • The budget Impasse is resolved and MAP and Merit pays out to students;
  • The student receives outside funding
  • The student receives funding from other Federal Assistance Programs.

For students who currently have a zero balance on their account, we will continue to encourage you to support MAP by urging a resolution to the budget impasse.  To learn more visit the ISAC website:

I want to thank our students who have stepped up in recent days to contact lawmakers to express the importance of funding CSU. I encourage everyone who values our University to continue expressing their support.