Chicago State University

CSU Students Demand a Budget

CSU Students Demands a Budget

On Saturday, January 9, 2016 more than one hundred CSU students, staff and faculty independently gathered to protest and demand that a budget be passed to save the University.

The protest was pioneered by several student leaders, including SGA President, Paris Griffin that wanted their message to be heard and supported by the community.  "We all knew we had to get our message out somehow, so we thought the best way would be to just bring it out through our own community here on the South Side of Chicago," said Griffin, who majors in public relations. "We just want the state government to know that it's their responsibility to support higher education in this state — not just at Chicago State, but everywhere in Illinois."

"[State elected officials] all had access to higher education, but they didn't have to fight for it like we do," she added. "Education is something we all deserve."

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