Chicago State University

CSU Extends In-State Tuition to All Domestic U.S. Residents 

(Chicago, IL) – Chicago State University (CSU) has extended in-state tuition to new undergraduate students that live in all domestic U.S. states.  The University’s Board of Trustees voted to eliminate the out-of state tuition rate effective January 7, 2019.  The expansion of in-state tuition will also support the University’s enrollment strategy to attract new students and increase campus diversity.

“It is our mission to make education accessible to students from all ethnic and social-economic backgrounds,” said Zaldwaynaka Scott, President of Chicago State University.  “By extending the in-state tuition rate, we are addressing the inequities of access to a quality education and making college more affordable for all”.

Chicago State University is on the cutting edge of this equitable academic offering that is also extended to undocumented students living in the United States.  For many years, the University extended in-state tuition rates to residents of Midwestern states including, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Ohio and Nebraska. 

“The extension of in-state tuition to all states is a game changer in public higher education,” said, Dr. Michael Ellison, Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management.  “We remain focused on our mission to provide a quality and rigorous education while keeping tuition affordable and scholarship opportunities abundant”. 

Between 2006 and 2017, private colleges in the U.S. increased their tuition by 29% (College Board Trends) while Chicago State University’s tuition and fees remained 50% below the national average and 96% of its students received financial aid.  For academic year 2018-19 Chicago State University’s tuition is still 50% below the national average.

Chicago State University offers 56 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are taught by world-class faculty with terminal degrees.  The average faculty to student ratio is 12:1, fostering an effective learning environment.  Unlike most universities, all CSU courses are faculty led and its academic programs include an experiential component that allows students to apply theory with practice and training before graduation.

The overall student body is comprised of students from 38 states, 12 countries and 20 Illinois counties.