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Zaldwaynaka Z Scott, Esq
Zaldwaynaka (“Z”) Scott, Esq.


Zaldwaynaka (“Z”) Scott, Esq., unanimously elected by the Board of Trustees’ to serve as the 12th permanent president of Chicago State University, assumed the role on July 1, 2018. 

President Scott oversaw the development and advancement of the CSU Strategic Plan 2020-2025, ensuring that the institution will lead with the mission of transformation for students’ lives through innovation and excellence in ethical leadership. She also supervised the launch of a historic re-brand of the University, putting into motion new brand assets and campaigns to revitalize the institution’s reputation and raise awareness among new stakeholders. President Scott is also a well-known advocate for equity in higher education, having formed and co-chaired the Equity Working Group, a body of leaders from across the education, public, private, philanthropic, and community development sectors to formulate an action plan for addressing Black student access and success in Illinois higher education. 

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President's Message (Spring 2021)

As we start the New Year, and this new semester, I remain hopeful for our future. While I am amazed and proud of the scientific discoveries, including the development of a vaccination, I am equally as amazed and proud of our students, faculty, and staff who continue to show up, adapt, and yes, even still thrive. We are Chicago State University!

The gravity of COVID-19 continues to require much of our attention as a campus community. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and greater community remains our priority.

As our communities remain some of the hardest hit by COVID-19, and its compounding effects, the role of Chicago State could not be more important.

CSU remains committed to fostering a world-class, higher education learning community that centers our students and stimulates academic and personal development. Our students’ success is our top priority. Our institution proudly pushes forward as an engine for equitable transformation.

Despite our new public health landscape, CSU remains open and actively moving forward. In December, after several campus-wide planning sessions, we released our Spring Operating Plan, which can be found here.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide student-centered, equitable experiences for every student who calls Chicago State University home. I want to take the lessons we’re learning during this time, and our heightened sense of creativity and innovation, and incorporate them into our future. I am confident that we will emerge a stronger learning community. It is my honor to continue to build upon CSU’s distinguished legacy. I invite each of you to join me as we work to take CSU to new heights!

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President Scott's Inaugural Campus Address



Executive Leadership

Kim H. Tran

Kim H. Tran
Chief of Staff

Dr. Leslie Roundtree

Dr. Leslie Roundtree
Interim Provost &
Senior Vice President  of Academic Affairs

Craig Duetsch

Craig Duetsch
Chief Financial Officer &
Vice President of Financial Operations

Andrea Welch

Dr. Andrea Welch
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Erin Steva

Erin Steva
Vice President of External Affairs

Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes
Vice President of Administrative Services

Walter Pryor

Walter Pryor
Interim General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer &
Vice President of Legal Affairs



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