Program of Study

Full-Time Program

The two-year full-time program is available for students who can devote themselves to full-time academic and field study in social work. Students complete 60 academic credits required for graduation in two years.

Advanced Standing Program

The Advanced Program at the Chicago State University Department of Social Work is an intensive program for students who have graduated from a CSWE (Council of Social Work Education) accredited baccalaureate social work program. A limited number of qualified applicants are accepted. Applicants must have received their BSW undergraduate degree within four years prior to admission.

Applicants to the Advanced Standing Program must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.0 in the social work major.  Students who receive a "C" in any undergraduate social work course must repeat the equivalent course in the MSW program.  Advance standing students are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours toward the MSW degree. Applicants accepted into the program may be waived from courses required in the foundation year of the M.S.W. program based on an evaluation of transcripts.

Part-Time Program

The Part-Time Program allows students flexibility in meeting the requirements for the M.S.W. degree in three or four years. Students are expected to register for a minimum of two courses per semester, including summer.

The Curriculum for the Master's Degree Program

The CSU Graduate catalogue lists courses offered by the MSW Program. Appended to this handbook are sample programs for each semester. These samples provide a brief overview of the core elements of the MSW curriculum. The master’s degree requires a minimum of 60 credits. The following is a listing of courses required by all students and that of each concentration. All required courses are three credit hours each.