Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do my internship during the evenings?
No you must meet learning standards that require work during the traditional school day. Even if you are placed in a community school, which may have a longer school day, the bulk of your hours will be completed before 3pm and the activities must be those of a traditional school social worker and align to the Illinois State Board of Education Standards.
2. Where will I be placed for field?
Schools that serve as practicum sites can be public or private schools within the city of Chicago or suburban locations. Schools should serve a diverse student population, and provide opportunities for learning experiences across grade levels.
3. Can I work during the program?
Most of the students in the Post MSW Program have several years of experience in social services and are often employed during their educational experience.  Please consider the required field hours in your decision to work and your work schedule.
4. How much is tuition?
Please contact the Bursar’s Office at (773) 995-2470 for up-to-date information on tuition charges for the Social Work Department. The Bursar’s Office is located in the Cook Administration Building. Tuition costs are also published in the semester course schedule book which is available on the web.
5. Can my credits from another school of social work be accepted at Chicago State University?
Yes, up to 30 credits may be transferred if they are “B” or better. The courses must be less than 6 years old at the time of your graduation in a CSWE accredited graduate social work program. Transcripts are necessary for all courses. Please keep in mind that courses can be transferred only in the context of the School’s requirements. No academic credit is given for life experience and previous work experience. Courses that are waived to avoid duplication, may not reduce the number of hours to graduate.
6. Does  the university or department offer any financial AID?

Yes. However, resources are primarily limited to Perkin and Stafford loans. Military scholarships may be available through the office of Veteran's Affairs (SUB 260, (773) 995-2413) and who administers tuition for spouses, children of MIA/POW's and 100% disabled veterans. Most financial aid requires students to have their eligibility determined through the FASA application process. Forms available in the department of the Office of Financial Aid, Cook Building, Room 207).

The Department of Social Work offers an annual $300-$500 award from the Gladys Scott Community Scholarship Fund on a competitive basis.

7. How do I go about transferring my credit?
If the courses were taken as a non-matriculant at another school of social work or graduate level program, student request credit from MSW Program Director at the beginning of their second semester as a matriculated student. Course descriptions and outlines must be included. All decisions regarding transfers are made by the MSW Program Director.
8. Can courses at the graduate level in other fields be acceptable for credit at Chicago State?

Yes, up to six credits may be used to meet elective requirements, if the credits were taken in related fields in graduate level courses and not used for another degree. Final approval is made by the Program Director. The courses must be less than 6 years old at the time of graduation. Any graduate courses taken at another institution must have prior approval to receive credit in the MSW program.