Licensure Information

If you plan to take the Illinois LSW (Licensed Social Work) or the LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Work) exam.

  • Visit the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations Website to access the instructions and forms appropriate for either the LSW or LCSW exam. 
  • Per the instruction on page two of the instructions/forms you will need to obtain the signature of the school’s official and the school seal on the Supporting Document ED found within the instruction/forms.  
  • To obtain the appropriate signature and school seal: Complete the CSU Enrollment Verification.  
  • Complete the IDPR Supporting Document ED forms 
  • Email the two page Supporting Document ED forms  along with the University Enrollment Verification form to, indicating if you would like the forms mailed back to you or if you would like to pick them up from the Office of the Registrar. Forms are generally processed within 5 business days.