Mission Statement

The mission of the MSW Program at Chicago State University is to provide an accessible, affordable, professional educational experience designed primarily for, but not limited to non-traditional and/or minority students from greater Chicago and surrounding counties.

The educational mission of the MSW program is designed to prepare students for advanced social work practice. Development of effective family-centered professional practice that integrates the social work values of self-determination, the worth and dignity of all people and appreciation of the inherent potential for growth and change for individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities is the focus of the course of study.

The Chicago State MSW Program is committed to the preparation of students with the courage and resourcefulness needed in the ongoing effort to overcome the causes and effects of all forms of oppression within the human experience. Because we recognize that intolerance of difference often leads to oppression, we encourage students to view diversity in its broadest sense as an enriching element in society. We seek to prepare students to identify, affirm and celebrate the positive attributes of differences as tools to promote a more just, humane, and egalitarian social order. Thus, we encourage the development of skills that preserve, develop and enhance strength and resilience in all people and all social systems.

The MSW Program mission ultimately seeks to support students' commitment to skilled and principled social work practice, service to their communities and commitment to social, racial and economic justice.

Dr. Sherri Seyfried,

Social Work Department Chair and MSW Program Director