Chicago State University

CATs -- TQE Institute

The CATs Institute is a five-week summer program designed to:
...prepare a high school student to meet the challenges of college.
...increase the awareness of teaching as a profession.
...improve the potential to perform well on the ACT exam.
...enhance technology-readiness skills.
...enhance a student's ability to work as part of a team.
...provide early teaching experiences.

CATs Scholars:

...are ambitious and driven to succeed.
...are goal orientated and seeking a path to success in college and in life.
...have a genuine love for learning and helping others to learn.
...are looking for a competitive edge in the classroom and the world beyond school life.
...have a passion for personal growth and development.

Program Overview

The CATs Institute is a great opportunity for highly ambitious, goal-oriented high school students to learn about education from a teacher's perspective. Students will learn how to plan lessons in a contextualize learning experience, manage a classroom, and implement cutting edge technological resources into the classroom. This is a wonderful chance for those students who may be interested in entering the teaching profession, or those students who may be interested in gaining a better understanding of how the world of higher education works.

Students will be challenged to become the best educator they can be. In this program students will gain experience that few high school peers can claim. This program will give students an idea of the expectation that the university expects from students in a college career. Having an insider's advantage of working with and talking to educational professionals is an invaluable experience for anyone who plans to travel down the exciting career path of teaching others. Students who participate in this program, called CATs Scholars, will be physically, academically, and emotionally closer to education and career goals than one could ever imagine. In addition, CATs Scholars have traditionally benefited from the support of faculty and staff who work to sustain the gains made from the unique head start opportunity.

Year-Long Benefits for CATs Scholars

The CATs program as an institute of the Teacher Quality Enhancement Middle School Project has partnered with the CSU/CC Future Teachers Club to provide tutors for the CATs Homework Club. CATs Scholars are welcome to join the CATs Homework Club to continue to receive individualized tutoring throughout the school year. In addition, CATs Scholars are periodically invited to special events intended to enrich their experiences as they continue their relationship as part of the Chicago State University College of Education learning community. The faculty and staff of the Cougar Academy for Teachers Institute and the Teacher Quality Enhancement Middle School Project are committed to provide mentorship opportunities for CATs Scholars as they grow and transfer to the university setting.