Chicago State University

Center for Teaching & Learning in Science, Mathematics, & Technology [CTL-SMT]

Project Overview

TQEThe Center for Teaching & Learning in Science, Mathematics, & Technology (CTL-SMT) was established with a matching State of Illinois Eisenhower grant in 2002. This seed money was used to enable the TQE partnership to include professional development and resource support for the teachers who mentor our middle school teacher candidates. In addition, ongoing partnerships are maintained with outside systemic reform groups in science, math, and technology to bring national and international level content and pedagogy expertise to our local educational community under the Teacher Quality Enhancement umbrella.


Project Resources

TQEClick here to view a list of our TQE, MIDS, & CTL-SMT resources for university & community college partner faculty, P-12 teachers, and teacher candidates. The list is maintained by our TQE partner -- the Teachers' Writing & Resource Center (TWRC) -- in the CSU College of Education. All TQE, MIDS, & CTL-SMT partners as well as CSU faculty, staff, students and alumni may stop by the CTL-SMT or the TWRC to check-out resource materials or take part in workshops or online support services.